Minutes – October 2017

October 16, 2017

President Anne Pendrak presided and called the meeting to order. A quorum was attained. Introduction were made.

Present were: Amie Slate, Karin Grosshans, John Hopkins, Anne Pendrak, Kamala Bauers, Jane Cundiff, Jayne Avery, Mike Maslaney, Liz Warriner, Ellie Roe, Barbara Pleasant, Jack Wall, and Dede McGrath.

Minutes: The minutes for September 18, 2017, were not ready; approval was tabled for the next meeting. Secretary Dede McGrath read from the September meeting notes.

Treasurers’ Reports:

General Fund: Treasurer Barbara Pleasant reported the balance for the general fund account is $3325.27. Wills Ridge Supply was paid for the Dodd Creek building materials. We received $193.00 from Floyd Tourism from the tickets from the Milk Bottle Toss game at the County Fair. The was no activity in the Dodd Creek Escrow account. Barbara indicated we needed an invoice from Sustain Floyd for the cost of obtaining the movie; $200 was originally allotted. Barbara’s report is attached and incorporated by reference.

Unfinished Business:

Dodd Creek Trail Report: Mike Maslaney reported that Dustin has had work parties working on the trail; the sign board is up and the other trail signs are coming; Any Finn is making a sign and John Lewis is modifying the plat to use as a map; painted trail arrow signs by Ellie are up. Landscape timbers are on the hill. The bank needs to be cut away and filled with rock to make steps; possibly have Doug Thompson ‘s kids from the school to build or PFF may have to build.

The Town approved the doggie stations – up to 5 stations. Susan Icove was up-dated on the station plan. There will not be any trash cans on the station.

John Reported on a grant available by America Walks. The grant could possibly be used for exercise station or picnic shelters on the Dodd Creek trail. The application is due by Nov. 1st. John was approved to apply for the grant for shelters.

Mike reported that there is an up-coming meeting with Lydeana and John regarding a Commerce Park trail. They received a grant for roads for the park that included money for a trail. Trail use parking will be an issue in the commerce park. Cost of the trail may be around $20,000.

Lineberry Park: Ellie reported that Mike Patton gave her books on park playground elements; these books came from Kamala. The company Landscape Structures have handicapped accessible elements. Mike Patton wants PFF to look over the books and make a proposal.

Collaboration Project: Jane reported that she attended the Sustain Floyd and Preserve Floyd meetings. A fundraiser “Dine for a Cause” is scheduled for Nov 1st at 6 pm. Jane reported that Billy Weitzenfeld gave a talk to the County Board of Supervisors regarding solarizing that went well. Jane reported that she would like to do a “Dine with a Cause” with a forest theme and one with a water theme with the Wild Gardeners. Jane also indicated that they possibly wanted to get Jon Beegle to talk on Agroforestry in February.
Jayn Avery indicated she wanted to show the movie “To the Last Drop” as a fundraiser and to gather interest in a possible county-wide water testing. The results could be kept as a data base for future comparisons if the water becomes contaminated later.

2018 Health Fair: Jane reported she was reworking the questionnaire and that she will be sending a “save-the-date” post card out soon.

2018 Annual Meeting and Officer/Board Elections: Members were reminded that the Annual meeting will be held in January. Elections of board and officers will take place at the meeting.

New Business:

Floyd Biking Map: John reported (with Jack) that Floyd Tourism received a grant to create and print brochures with bike routes in Floyd, put up route markers, place bike racks, and crate repair stations. There will be a meeting on Oct. 19th at the Country Store for Cycle Floyd.

Community Marquee Sign: Discussion was held on possibly replacing the marquee sign at Wills Ridge as it is in disrepair. A new sign is approx. $600. Since this sign is used by many organizations, it was suggested that we contact other organizations to have them help pay for part of a new sign; Andy Finn might be able to build one. Karin will check with Joe.



Meeting was adjourned. Next meeting will be Monday, Nov. 20, 2017, at 6:30 pm at Wall Residences.

Respectfully submitted,
Dede McGrath
Recording Secretary