Minutes – April 2016



April 18, 2016

President Anne Pendrak presided and called the meeting to order. A quorum was attained.

Present were: Ralph Roe, Ellie Roe, John Hopkins, Michael Maslaney, Jane Cundiff, Kamala Bauers, Anne Pendrak, Barbara Pleasant, Karin Grosshans, Jack Wall, and Dede McGrath.

Minutes: The minutes of March 21, 2016, were approved as written.

Treasurers’ Reports:

Treasurer Karin Grosshans reported there was no activity in the General Fund; balance remains at $6144.05; $120.21 remains of the funds dedicated for trails. The balance of the County Professional Support Fund remains the same at $47.50. Karin’s reports are attached and incorporated by reference.

Old Business:

Park Planning Committee Report: Jane reported that, since the Town has now formed its own Park Committee, the PFF Park Committee has decided to dissolve and let the Town coordinate any further Park improvements. PFF agree to Jane’s recommendation and the PFF Park Committee is now dissolved. The Town would like two PFF liaisons on the new Park Committee; Mike Maslaney and Barbara Pleasant have volunteered to act as liaisons.

Mike reported that the purchase of the extra property for the park has been approved and that the project is moving forward.

Mike reported that the Tractor Climb-On project is on hold for now due to liability issues.

It was reported that the Recreation Authority was asking the Town and County for extra money this year; they have plans to build extra soccer fields and a recreation center. Dede gave some back ground on the status of the Floyd Community & Wellness Center community center project. She indicated that FC&WC wants to get together with the Rec Auth to discuss community center ideas, but that the Rec Auth (Dustin Hollandsworth) is reluctant to make contact. PFF will see if they can mediate a conversation between the 3 local organizations trying to build a community center for Floyd (Rec Auth, FC&WC, and Laura Cantrell Group).

Park Clean-Up: Park Clean-Up day is April 30; this is part of Project Floyd.

Trails: No new info. There is still a need for a sidewalk/walkway from Town to Jacksonville & June Bug Centers.

Sign Letter: Karin conducted and inventory of the Wills Ridge sign letters. They are 9” letters. She has a list of which letters are needed.

SNAP Program Help: Barbara reported the Farmers Market and Sustain Floyd are looking for donations for their SNAP Program. Ellie will check with Angels-in-the-Attic to see if they help support.

New Business:

County Fair: Barbara presented information regarding the Floyd County Fair and its re-organization. It will be held at Chantilly on Sep 17 and will be bigger; Co-operative Extension/4-H will need help. She suggested that PFF should have a presence at the Fair or help as volunteers. She will contact the Fair Coordinator Vickie.


Big Give: The Big Give NRV Fundraiser, sponsored by the Community Foundation of NRV is April 20th.

Meeting was adjourned. Next meeting will be Monday, May 16, 2016, at 6:30 pm at Wall Residences.

Respectfully submitted,
Dede McGrath
Recording Secretary