Minutes – June 2017

June 19, 2017

President Anne Pendrak presided and called the meeting to order. A quorum was attained.

Present were: Jack Wall, Jane Cundiff, Barbara Pleasant, Kamala Bauers, Ellie Roe, Randall Wells, Marjory Wells, John Hopkins, Tim Smith, Anne Pendrak, Michael Maslaney, Liz Warriner, and Dede McGrath.

Minutes: The minutes of April 17, 2017, were approved with to Recycling Brochure Project. Last sentence should read “Tim” and not “Kathleen.” The minutes of May 15, 2017 were approved as read.

Treasurers’ Reports:

General Fund: Treasurer Barbara Pleasant reported the balance for the General Fund was incorrectly report for May. The balance should have been $9823.60; the corrected report is attached. The current balance for June is $7345.36. The bill to Shortt Excavating was paid along with the PO Box and some Click and Pledge expenses. The taxes for 2016 have been filed. The Rec Authority still has not gone to the bank to sign cards for the Escrow account. Barbara’s report is attached and incorporated by reference.

Old Business

Dodd’s Creek Trail Report: Mike reported that straw was put down on the trail with the help of Trustees. The container has been moved and the path of the trail adjusted to go along the pasture; this will add ¼ of a mile to the trail. A gate is needed for the trailheads. Mike suggested a farm-type gate with lock; he priced them for $250 each; several would be needed. Mike Shortt was working on the trail drainage issues and culvert placement. It was decided to go with the farm gate for now; it could be change/decorated in the future. Mike will get an estimate for the cost of work and supplies. The trail is okay to walk on; Ellie will coordinate a PFF hike. There is still no plat from John Lewis, but John fairly certain that the trail does not go onto David Larsen’s property.

Park Report: Mike reported that the Town may ask us to help with developing the playground/play area for the Lineberry Park. The park has terracing and lighting, but no play area. The Park Committee may be re-convened.

Recycle Brochure Project: Tim still expressed an interest in producing a brochure of Floyd’s recycling sites and materials. Ellie expressed concern that the signage at the recycle huts need to be in “plain” English; better for people to understand. Anne and Dede will contact Ann Shank of the Woman’s Club and have her contact Tim with her recycling information; she has already done a great deal of research on this. Liz suggested this become a PFF project. Jane recommended attending Floyd County BOS meetings and expressing our concerns, etc; there are supervisor elections for Courthouse and Indian Valley this year, it would be a good time to bring the matter up.

Wills Ridge Marquee Sign: John reported that the person he thought was the contact was not, so he was unable to inquire about the Floyd UMC old marquee being available. Dede said she would try one of her contacts there.

New Business

County Fair 2017: Jane reported the date for the County Fair will be September 9th. Following discussion, it was decided that we would do the Milk Bottle Toss game and offer coffee, hot and iced teas. Dede pointed out that we may need to furnish our own prizes this year. Jane will find out fair times.


Artists & Author Reception: Barbara will be the speaker at an Artists & Author reception at the Hotel Floyd on July 14th from 5-7 pm; reception is free.

Meeting was adjourned. Next meeting will be Monday, July 17, 2017, at 5:30 pm at Wall Residences.

Respectfully submitted,
Dede McGrath
Recording Secretary