Partnership for Floyd is a diverse group of citizens working to preserve and enhance the unique beauty and quality of life in the Town of Floyd and its surroundings. Since 2004 our members have worked hard to help improve downtown historical facades, pathways, and the Warren G. Lineberry Community Park. We produce community events and help with local projects.  As a non-profit 501c3 organization, we work closely with the town council and welcome input from all Floyd County residents.

Partnership for Floyd meets on the third Monday of each month. Everyone is welcome to come to Wall Residences at 718 Franklin Pike at 6:30 p.m.

For more information, please contact: Jane Cundiff, Communications Secretary, partnershipforfloyd@gmail.com

Partnership for Floyd Officers include:

  • Anne Pendrak – president
  • Michael Maslaney – vice president
  • Dede McGrath  – recording secretary
  • Jane Cundiff – communications secretary
  • Barbara Pleasant – treasurer

Partnership for Floyd Board Members include:

  • Kamala Bauers
  • Karin Grosshans
  • John Hopkins
  • Ellie Roe
  • Ralph Roe
  • Tim Smith
  • Jack Wall
  • Liz Warriner