Minutes – August 2016



August 15, 2016

President Anne Pendrak presided and called the meeting to order.  A quorum was attained.

Present were:  Kamala Bauers, Michael Maslaney, Ellie Roe, Ralph Roe, Jack Wall, Karin Grosshans, Anne Pendrak, John Hopkins, Barbara Pleasant, Liz Warriner, and Dede McGrath.

Minutes:  The minutes of July 18, 2016, were approved as amended.  The word marquee was added to the “Sign Letter” paragraph for clarification.  The paragraph to read as follows:

“Wills Ridge Marquee Sign Letters:  Ellie presented to the board the Floyd Press article regarding the new marquee sign letters.  Ralph was able to make a sign to go with the letters asking people to return the letters to the proper places.  The sign also lets people know the letters were donated by PFF.”

Treasurers’ Reports:

General Fund:  Treasurer Karin Grosshans reported the balance for the General Fund is $6853.73; a check was written to Ralph Roe for reimbursement for the marquee sign letters.  Karin’s report is attached and incorporated by reference.

County Professional Fund:  Karin reported that she spoke with the bank and could not get the bank fees for the inactive account waived and that with the additional months’ fees, there is probably no money left in the account.  She is unable to close the account as she is not listed on the account; someone who is listed on the account will have to go by the bank and close out the account; Jack or Mike will try to do this.  Karin’s report is attached and incorporated by reference.

Old Business:

Park Report:  Mike reported that there will be a Town Park Committee meeting on September 15th at the Town Hall from 4:30 – 6:30 pm.  It will have a public display of park ideas; some ideas include tiered seating, parking, 2 child play areas – one for younger and one for older children, etc.  The Town has some funds earmarked for the Park upgrade.

The purchase of additional park property is going through; several issues have been resolved.  There is no specific plan for this property as yet.  The Library Walking Club is using the Library-Park Trail and the students from the track teams have been seen using it.

Rec Park Trail Report:  Jack reported that he had attended a meeting of the Rec Authority Board.  He reported the Rec Auth had heard from the attorney; there was support for a trail from various members of the board; they voted to move forward on the trail.  Dennis Anderson is still interested in helping, including the use of his equipment and grant application support; David Larsen is still on-board, but there is question on who will hold the easement.  A survey will need to be completed first and the Rec board may bring in a professional planner.  Funds may be available from the Dept of Forestry.  Jack indicated to the Rec Board that PFF would help with funds for maintenance of the trail.  Dustin H. is very positive about the Rec Authority’s future plans and indicated they have more support than in the past; the schools are also helping with field maintenance.  The next Rec board meeting is Sep 17th at 5:30 pm.  It was suggested that Lydeana Martin be included on the plans.  Barbara suggested forming a non-profit organization, such as “Friends of the Dodds Creek Trail,” to help with fund raising and maintenance of the trail.  It was decided to wait to see in which direction the trail planning goes.

Earth Day:  No new information.

Sustain Floyd Film Series:  Barbara reported that the “Seer” rental information is not available until spring 2017 and that we won’t be able to get the film until fall 2017.

County Fair:  Barbara reported for Jane that we have a 3 booth combined spot with Sustain Floyd.  We will be having the solar wagon with fans; milk bottle toss game; and will sell or give out garden iced teas.  Jane and Fred will be leading hikes.  Volunteers and equipment needs was discussed.  A sign-up sheet will be prepared and distributed to members via email to sign up for volunteer times and equipment to bring.  Barbara will order cups; Kamala will look for the banner – it is either with her or Betty; canopies, tables, coolers, drink dispensers, and fans are needed.  The County Fair is Sat, Sep 17th from 10:00 am – 7:00 pm at Chantilly Farms.  It was decided that we needed to meet to finalize fair plans; it was decided to move the regular monthly meeting in order to meet before the Fair.  We will meet on Monday, Sep 12 at 6:30 pm at the Hotel Floyd up-stairs meeting room.

New Business:




Meeting was adjourned.  Next meeting will be Monday, September 12, 2016, at 6:30 pm at Hotel Floyd.

Respectfully submitted,
Dede McGrath
Recording Secretary