Minutes – February 2017



February 20, 2017

President Anne Pendrak and called the meeting to order.  A quorum was attained. Introductions were made.

Present were:  Miriam Brancato, Viron Fessler, Tim Smith, Anne Pendrak, Kamala Bauer, Jane Cundiff, Amie Slate, Barbara Pleasant, Michael Maslaney, Margie Wells, Randall Wells, Tara Orlando, Karin Grosshans, Jack Wall, and Dede McGrath.

Minutes:  The minutes of January 16, 2016, were approved as read.

Treasurers’ Reports:

General Fund:  Treasurer Karin Grosshans reported the balance for the General Fund is $9575.73; remaining trail funds are $120.21.  The remaining trails money will be transferred into the Dodd’s Creek Escrow account.  Karin reported: PFF received a donation of $2500; insurance ($500) is due by March 6th; and she has the signature papers for the escrow account which need signing by the officers.  Her report is attached and incorporated by reference.

Old Business:

Park Report:  Barbara reported that the terracing of the park should begin in the spring.

Dodd’s Creek Trail Report:  Mike Maslaney reported he attended a Rec Authority meeting and gave them the LOU for the trail.  He had Dustin meet with Karin and the bank regarding opening the trail escrow account; signatures are needed to complete the account.  He reported that the trail needs straw and grass seed, but we are waiting for the weather.  There was a question about making steps on all or part of the switch back; it was decided to hold on this for now and revisit later.  Mike reported that they wanted to create a trail entrance with guards to prevent vehicles from going on the trail, but would be removable so that maintenance of the trail could be done.  There is still work that needs to be done on the trail: grass seeding (need a shade tolerate strain); chain sawing, root removal, etc.  The survey is underway; John Lewis is only charged for what he paid his people.  David Larsen is still agreeable to as easement on his properties; the Town will pay for the easement, they will be using Jim Shortt for the work.  Dennis plowed the trail already.  Mike suggested mapping out areas of need, setting priorities, and scheduling a work day.

Mike also reported that there is some more work that needs to be done on the Library trail.  It was reported that Jon Beegle contacted the EDA regarding a trail for the commerce part.  This was one of the proposed trails that Trails in Floyd had first worked on; PFF might revisit this trail project.  The proposed trail from Main St. to the school would need the support of the school superintendent in order to be pursued.  A “Walkability” grant is available for such projects.

Sustain Floyd Film Series:  Barbara reported that the “Seer” film was pulled by Mr. Barry for a re-do and is now estimated to be out in the fall.

First Amendment Celebration:  It was reported that the First Amendment Celebration was a great success; very well attended; and was a great program.  A video will be available on Youtube.  There is interest in doing more amendment celebrations, either monthly or annually.  Randall suggested sending a “Thank you/Congratulations” card to Alan Graf; Barbara will get card.

Health Fair:  Jane reported that the Health Fair is moving along and that we had 58 confirmed vendors.  We still needed another food vendor; PFF may have to do coffee and snacks to cover.  There will be at least 2 panel discussions, topics are still being finalized at; there will be demonstrations throughout.  We may be able to set up and lay spaces the night before.  The mobile mammogram is coming; participants will need a doctor’s prescription.  Jane suggested to the vendors to write article on their businesses and include a line about seeing them at the Health Fair.  Jane is doing other articles and created a poster.  Dede will have it put on the Citizens bulletin board channel.

New Business:



Affordable Housing Meeting – March 1st at 9:00 am at Hotel Floyd.  To discuss creating affordable housing in Floyd County.  Open to the general public.

Green and Clean day – Coming in April.

Meeting was adjourned.  Next meeting will be Monday, March 20, 2017, at 6:30 pm at Wall Residences.

Respectfully submitted,
Dede McGrath
Recording Secretary