Lineberry Park

Warren G. Lineberry Community Park has been the biggest undertaking of the Partnership for Floyd.  Since the Town of Floyd purchased the land in 2006, we have raised funds, gathered community input, organized projects, and brought volunteers and professionals together to build the beautiful spot we have today.

Below are a few photos that tell the story. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Lineberry Park sign

The sign for the park and the specially designed lights were built and donated by Woody & Jackie Crenshaw and Crenshaw Lighting.


Volunteers from the Partnership and from the community cleared the debris, brush, and brambles from the 2.7 acres before grass could be planted.


Funds to build the park were raised over several years of collections, music fundraisers and silent auctions – all sponsored by PFF. The Town of Floyd also provided some of the funds.


Jane Cundiff and John Beegle designed the entry patio and Beegle Landscaping donated part of the cost of the project. Mitch Cundiff did the architectural rendering.


John Beegle and Partnership members walking off the site for the patio.


Floyd County High School students helped dig the foundation and build the small music shelter that was designed, coordinated and donated by our local musicians Mack and Jenny Traynham.


Mack Traynham donated many hours to organize volunteers and gather donated materials to build the small, cozy music shelter.


Community socials were held by the Partnership for Floyd to get input for the park and to celebrate the opening.


Local builders Phoenix Hardwoods donated beautiful, sturdy, natural benches.


Swede McBroom of Natural Woodworking donated beautiful tables, hand-crafted from local wood.


Streamline Timberworks helped us design and build a multi-use pavilion.


Coverage of the grand opening presentations in the Floyd Press on August 21, 2014.


Partnership also sponsored a free Kids Play on summer Saturdays, led by Julie Berger and her family.


Sign near the front entrance to thank everyone from the community who gave so much of their time to make the park beautiful.


The Park in 2014.


The Park Committee Volunteers who worked hard from 2008 to 2014 to design, organize and build the beautiful place we have today. Left to right, back row: Mike Maslaney, Mac Traynham, Woody Crenshaw, Ralph Roe, Randall Wells. Front row: Jack Wall, Jane Cundiff, Betty Lineberry, Anne Pendrak, Karin Grosshans, Dede McGrath, Marjorie Wells, Ellie Roe.