Lineberry Park – Library Trail

The Lineberry Park to Library Trail was made by volunteer laborers lead by Michael Maslaney of the Partnership for Floyd in the spring of 2015. The Floyd Town Council organized the legal documents and surveys. Rights-of-way were generously granted by property owners David Burris, Meredith McGrath and Blake Mitnick.

Girl Scouts and Young Life volunteers helped to clear the way.

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Mike Maslaney works with Dennis Anderson to form a path through the woods behind Warren G. Lineberry Community Park all the way to the Floyd Library.


Partnership for Floyd members Ralph Roe & Barbara Pleasant help to design and build a bridge to cross the creek behind the library. Materials were donated by Joe Gallimore at Wills Ridge Supply


Partnership for Floyd members Ellie and Ralph Roe lead Young Life volunteers to clearing away brush.


Partnership for Floyd members and friends work to clear debris and brush.


Floyd Girl Scouts help to clear trash from the area and set out food to attract birds to the path.


The Park to Library Trail was completed in June 2015 and is a growing favorite place to walk in downtown Floyd.