Dodd Creek Trail

Dodd Creek trailhead sign

In October 2016 Dodd Creek Trail, behind the Floyd County Recreation and Parks land, was cleared by Dennis Anderson and a new trail committee from Partnership for Floyd was formed by Doug Thompson, Mike Maslaney and Jane Cundiff.

Much work on the 1.25 mile-long trail has been done, making it easy to hike through the woods and along the creek. The trail begins and ends in the parking lot by the ball fields near the top of the hill at the Recreation Park off Rt. 8 just north of town, across from the Family Dollar Store.

If you would like to help us to make beautiful and useful trails in Floyd, email

Letter of Understanding between Partnership for Floyd and Floyd County Park and Recreation Authority

See article from the Floyd Press on January 26, 2017.

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Dodd Creek trail was cleared by Dennis Anderson with the guidance of Doug Thompson of the Floyd Recreation Authority (Fall 2016)

Dodd's Creek Trail

This slope needs to be stabilized before opening the trail to the public (Fall 2016)

Dodd's Creek Trail

The west side of the trail is an old road that will not need a lot of work. It meanders for a bit above Dodd Creek (Fall 2016).

Dodd's Creek Trail

Much work still needs to be done and volunteers of the Partnership for Floyd have been called to help. Mike Maslaney, Anne Pendrak, and John Hopkins survey the work (Fall 2016).

Part of the trail maintenance crew (Summer 2017).

Volunteers Suzan Albright and Randall Wells doing trail maintenance (Summer 2017).

Trail maintenance volunteers Suzan Albright, Margie Wells, and Ellie Roe (Summer 2017)